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Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth. It's clean and sustainable. Resources of geothermal energy range from the shallow ground water to the soil found beneath the Earth's surface.

  • Geothermal systems design and sizing for the most efficient operation to meet individual needs

  • Geothermal in-floor and hydronic systems

  • Geothermal forced air options

  • Residential and Commercial Geothermal Contractors

  • HVAC construction-- Installation and Repair

Professional geothermal services

We have ECM pumping options that will greatly reduce the cost of hydronic pumping or geo systems making geothermal even more cost effective. Geothermal systems utilize off peak options for the most economical operation.

An eco-friendly and efficient option

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  • We are trained and certified in geothermal systems.

  • Certified in Geothermal heat pump installation and service

  • Design experience with vertical, horizontal loop systems and directional drilling

  • We will help you to understand Geothermal electric rebates and tax incentives to get you the most cost

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The oldest brand of residential geothermal systems, TETCO was founded in 1977. The makers of TETCO products have always been dedicated to the geothermal concept and continue to demonstrate passion for the technology in the design features of the TETCO product line. Environmentally conscious homeowners were installing TETCO geothermal heat pumps before the term “geothermal heat pump” was even being used, thus the name TETCO (Thermal Energy Transfer Company).